Here you can see some painting, assemblage , printmaking etc that  have kept me busy from 1982 to 2011 when I switched to fabric.

Want to see my assemblages?
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Collections in my house
It was interesting for me to photograph all the doodads and artifacts I have accumulated over the years.  I realize what an acquisitive traveler I am buying folk art, masks and airplanes everywhere I go.
As you come in the front computer room you are greeted by this beautiful life sized seated wioman
Across the room , near my computer,is a large painting by DH ( The Supper) and two smaller figure paintings.
And then next to me is Ralph's desk with a wonderful carousel horse mounted on the wall. Notice the fifteen grandchildren in little photos underneath!
Coming through to the dining room is one of our larger planes and a beautiful pencil drawing of one of Ralph's daughters as a teen. Drawing by one of Ralph's former students.
On either side of the arch into our backroom/living area. On the left a bark cloth totem, a mask and a carved bird. On the right a lifesized sleeping woman who reclines in our garden during the summer months.
Coming through, you see a part of my folk art collection ....some Mexican wooden animals, Quebec model ships and another small painting by DH
I hang my plane collection from the rafters. These range from Walmart toy, to paper models, to folk renderings, to a few made by the grandchildren.
At the other end of the room on the armoire are MORE folk art objects flanked by Pere Jesus a Mexican folk sculpture on his own shelf.
On either side of the door to the kitchen is a miscellaneous collection of folk items, butterflies, masks and more masks.
I have little votive figures on the door jam and in the kitchen a group of stick figures I made years ago of our family.
Our Hallway...An assemblage of mine on one side and a collection of various artists up the stairs. The lower drawing is by Ralph's son Luke.
In the bedroom...some more of my assemblages ( I had nowhere else to put them when I moved from my downtown studio!) and a jaguar from South America. On the right one of my paintings and assemblage plus one of  Ralph's over the bed.
In the bedroom...yet more of my assemblages  and in the adjoining sunroom a collection of folk paintings and another assemblage. Oh and my deodorant! HaHa!
Out of order...but back down in the dining room is a very early painting of mine.
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The Alliance for the American Quilt has included me in their SAVE OUR STORIES interviews. You can click left to read my interview;
There I am with hubby Ralph at the front right surrounded by this giant family I married into. Ironically in this particular case the EX Mrs. Allen is in this picture too! HaHa. Not everyone is here...I have 5 step kids and 16 grand and great grand kids.Whew!  And me having had none of my own. I am blessed.
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