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I am so reluctant to take pics off my site!  When I put this work up, I could see that I have actually made progress since  2004 to 2010. Kind of like a retrospective only I'm not dead yet!
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I am offereing a new workshop this year Called STILL LIFE BORING?-NOT! , and have had to do a number of them for myself just to be able to understand the process.  Still life has always seemed a bit tame to me, but when you set a goal to make it a little more personal or even quirky, it's quite fun!
WANNA BITE?, 2008,  45"x42",$2300
I can't seem to stop making images of Eve!  I was always puzzled by the Eve stigma because what did she do after all, but bring knowledge to humankind.   Juried into QUILT ODYSSEY, 2009, Juried into  Visions San Diego 2010  SOLD

I do an exercise with students where I give them a little art reproduction that has been printed on fabric. They then have to build a whole narrative composition around the picture.  So I thought I better try it myself. I started in each case with bubble jetted repros of some of my own paintings from years ago.  They were quite small., so I constructed them as triptychs. If you look carefully, you can see the rectanglular repro within the composition.
THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LOVED HORSES, 2008, 19.5"x24", $1,200 Solo exhibition, Mississippi Textile Museum, 2008 SOLD
SINGLE PARENT FAMILY II, 2008,  18"x38", $1200 Solo exhibition, Mississippi Textile Museum, 2008.  QUILT ODYSSEY 2009, Machine Quilting Expo 2010  Teacher's Choice Award. Sold
3 GUINEA fOWL, 2007 , 40"x55"  I finally used up some fabric from the hideous bridesmaid dresses I buy at thrift shops!  These birds are a memory of a small flock that has the run of a supermarket parking lot in Myrtle Beach.  A terrific marketing ploy, as we shopped there just to see the birds.   I used the last of Fiona's eyeballs in this one.  $5,000  USD Shown at PIQF, Vision Quilt Gallery ,National Quilt Show 2008 ( where it won Honorable Mention) Shown at IQA Houston 2008 ( Honourable mention Art Quilt- Whimsical)
MITOCHONDRIAL EVE,2005, 51"x51",  shown in World Quilt show 2004, 1st prize Art Quilt Road to California 2004, Tubac Center for the Arts 2005, Sendai Japan 2005. I had read a book about the theory of Mitochondrial Eve. Fossil and genetic studies seem to point to a single female hominid whose mitochondrial DNA all peoples of the world share. That makes this African woman the mother of us all. Shown at the Scweinfurth Memorial Gallery Syracuse , MARKINGS PAQA show 2007
$1990 USD
An experiment to get a trapunto effect by doubling up poly batting.  A nuisance to quilt because of dangers of shifting and warping, but I LIKE whats happening, especially on the back! "BEST FRIENDS IN ALL THE WORLD", 50"x31", 2005.shown in   Yokahama and Sendai Japan 2005/06  .Quilts for Change, 2006  Honourabl mention, IQA  Chicago 2006   , First Place Innovative, Canadian National Juried Show 2006   , Showing at This is not a Deli Gallery Toronto 2007       $1500 USD  SOLD
"TWO SISTERS- ONE DEMURE, ONE IN YOUR FACE"  60x46"  2005. Shown at Ontario Quilt Exhibition    My sister and I in all our disparate characteristics. Guess who's the "in-your-face" one?   Shown at Markings- Page Walker Gallery    Judge's Choice Award         $1990 USD SOLD
EVE UNDER SCRUTINY II, 2005 , 25"x37",
Shown in Changing the World One Thread at a Time, Tubac Arizona 2006, travelled to Val d"Argent France  . Shown Harris House 2007  $1,500 USD  SOLD
FISH AND CHIPS FOR DINNER, 2006,22"x13", USD. Published in Quilting Arts Magazine, Fall 2006,   I like using a variety of little syrofoam fruits and vegetables that I get a the dollar store.   Shown at Earlville Opera House Gallery 2007   $950 USD  Sold
A FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST , 2006, 39"x28.5".  My husband is a temperate person when it comes to food. Me...I'm a passionate lover of eating!  Despite our diffetrences, he DID introduce me to that particularly English delight  the full breakfast- YUM!  $1,500 USD Exhibited at PIQF, Quilt Odyssey, Ricky Tims Gallery , Quilt=Art=Quilts, Schwienfurth Museum 2008 
PICKING WILDFLOWERS, 2006, 16.5"x13.5"   Remember when we were kids, running home with a fist full of stubby daisies and dandelions for Mum? $450.00 USD   SOLD
SHIRAZ CABERNET- MMMMMMM 2006,  Shown Lyon France for "Fruit of the Vine" exhibition, IQA Patchwork Expo 2006  , Ricky Tims Gallery 2007  , Quilt Odyssey 2008 ( Honourable Mention) $1,200  USD
I finally had a chance to use the grape vine motif that I have always admired in ancient Egyptian painting.  So stylized but so "real"
SNAKE CHARMER, 2006, 46"x42".  I HATE vacuuming.. The machine is loud and heavy and anyway the house needs cleaning again in a weeks time!  I want to conjure up a magical Hoover that does my bidding! If only I could turn a mindnumbing task into an exotic past time! $1990USD This is featured as the postcard quilt for the Chandler Exhibition in Arizona 2007!!IQA Celebrate Spring, Chicago 2008
I DO I DO I?  2008. SOLD
This was fun. I have  a cyber friend who is a very talented young author ( Joshilyn Jackson ) and is about to launch her third novel ...The Girl Who Stopped Swimming whose main character is an ARTQUILTER!!!!  She has asked me to do a quilt for her based on an exerpt describing how the main character is making a wedding quilt to enter in PIQF.  What a hoot,  it could have been me. This character has a penchant for oddball quilting patterns and embellishments. For example, in her fictional quilt she included a tooth on the shoe  and a little secret flap which opens to reveal an eye.  Not to gross anyone out, but I followed these instructions and used a tooth I dremeled out of my hated temporary plate when I got my brand new implant replacements for my front teeth! More than you needed to know, I'm sure, but it all made this project a lot of fun and very personal for me.  I cannibalized a wedding gown from the Sally Ann and bubblejetted the high button shoes. The headpiece and ribbon had to be removable as the quilt will travel to all of Joshilyn's book signings. Thank you Velcro!
                                     INUIT PUZZLED BY GREELEY'S WAGON, 2010 , 31"x41", $$3,100 USD

I thought it might be interesting to recount this story about polar  exploration using the Inuit style of design. Even more fun, was using Indonesian sarong patterns to represent the traditional Inuit clothing. The story is that Adolpus Greely, a rather inexperienced but over confident "explorer" set off to the Arctic in 1881 with 25 men . Of couse they brought all the wrong equipment, inadequate clothing and an arrogance that prevented them from availing themselves of traditional Inuit strategies for survival.  The sad denoument of such folly was that onlt 6 men survived the ordeal. One of the crazy schemes was to explore  Ellesmere Island with a man hauled wagon! Of course the wagon  was abandoned and the idea that Inuit people may have come across the ruins sparked this image!  In Schweinfurth Quilt=Art=Quilt 2011  SOLD
FIVE MAN DORY, 2010,  31"x35", $2,800                                                                                               Back of FIVE MAN DORY

Commemorating a long tradition of Newfoundler whalers going to the Arctic to hunt whales. Thank goodness that is all over now.   Shown at Quilts=Art=Quilts at the Schweinfurth 2011. SOLD

These next five pieces are my fantasy gardens. I think of them that way because I am trying to make plants out of cut out sections of my African fabrics. Some of the sections are not really plants at all but I am trying to force a new identity on them.  The first one is totally over the top with stitching  and lacy bits but I quickly decided there wasn't enough time in my world to make too many of those.  The next four show more restraint! HaHa!
2010, 20"x22".  $800 USD
2010, 20"x22".  $800USD SOLD
2010, 20"x22". $800USD SOLD
2010, 20"x22".  USD. DONATED
BULBS 2010, 62"X33", $1990 USD
I had great plans for these panels to become a neat room divider. Alas in my normal inept way, I was unable to get all three to be exactly the same size and to fit the screen that I had. So here they are as a triptych. I have a good artquilt friend in Florida, and the floral silk is one of her husband's Hawaian shirts! Shown in Lowell at Whistler Art Museum 2011. Best in Show
I often say in my lectures that I have almost no UFO's feeling compelled to finish almost everything I start. But this year I have let things slide so recently I have concentrated on finishing things.  The triptych and the Mesopotamian one fall into this category. Once caught up, I got  on a roll again and I was able to make several new things.
WANNA BITE? II, 2010, 46"X48", $1990  USD
This was my entry for Quilt National this year. I think EVE has had very bad press. Original sinner indeed. I think she should be commended for showing initiative.  Of course she did not make it into QN but is ready to be entered elsewhere. Yay! Won Honorable Mention in the Fabric of Legacies show in Colorado!
IN XANADU, 2010, 48X56, $2400usd
I love Coleridge's poem..."In Xanadu did Kublai Khan a stately pleasure dome decree. Where Alph the sacred river ran through caverns measurless to man unto the silent sea"  It has so many visual allusions it was easy to develop a luscious landscape from it. In PAQA South 2011    SOLD
FISHING DERBY MESOPOTAMIA  2000 b.c., 2010, 48"X58"  $1990 USD
The Standard of UR (2400 B.C.)was the inspiration for this piece. I loved the lozenge shaped figures of farmers and workers. I could envision them going fishing on the Euphrates on their day off! Shown at Quilt Canada 2011  SOLD
I feel I haven't been all that productive this year, due to some annoying health issues that put me out of commission and make me very crabby! Nevertheless, I did manage to get on  a garden jag recently starting with the call for entry to Houston's IN FULL BLOOM exhibition....then I chose to do BIRDS as my WONDER OF THE WORLD entry. Then I bought a ton of African fabrics at QUILT CANADA this spring and started making sort of fantasy gardens out of them.  I think I became interested as for the first time in our married life, hubby found it too hard to do our garden so I took it over.  Pretty risky too, as I do NOT have a green thumb at all. Still the garden isn't too bad for a first try and I discover I really enjoy it!
  THE WONDER OF BIRDS I.  2010, 51"x55", $1990 USD
Detail below am not able to show you the other big Wonder of Birds one as I was lucky enough to get it accepted into the show and they don't want any publishing till it opens.  Here is the one NOT accepted called not surprisingly . This one entered in Celebrate Spring IQA, Cinncinati.
  THE WONDER OF BIRDS II.  2010, 51"x55", $1990USD
I am now able to show you the other big Wonder of Birds one as  the show has opened.  SPECIAL EXHIBITION wonders of the world HOUSTON.   SOLD
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