Some people have asked how I go about making below this batch of postcards is a sort of diary of how I make them.
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I start my postcards with a sandwich right away. I like having something substantial to be handsewing. Some of them have finished edges by simply folding over to the back. Others are raw and I shall either embellish the edge or overcast.  I just take any ol' scraps that seem to look nice together and block out potential compositions. I have no idea what they are going to represent at this stage although several DO begin as figures.

I am a brat as far as following the rules. I DO measure 4"x6" to start...but they get wonky and bigger or smaller as I go. My style is very folky/funky and I get carried away.  I do TRY to stay within the parameters tho'!

I freehand cut shapes and colours, and tack them down with glue stick. Just in the middle as it is a bugger to sew through and the next job after I get a bunch started is to raw edge hand applique all the shapes down.

Here they are  after I have stitched the shapes down. I use three stranded embroidery floss and mostly a ladder stitch. That gives it a nice coloured line and some texture to add to the composition. Some are developing into definite landscapes or seascapes. They need a few more fabric shapes to make them come together.  I'm already thinking about the kind of embellishments I can use to develop the "narrative". Like lil' plastic food and  utensils for the kitchen table one. Or fish....or birds...or bugs for appropriate subjects.  I have done a small amount of quilting too...mostly to indicate "wind" in a sky  or the lay of the land.
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Here they are all embellished and finished for the most part. There is ALWAYS the chance I might add some more stuff if the mood hits me tho'. I seem to be on to the theme of "sheep in the meadows" as I found some neat sheep at the dollar store. Also I remembered I had a lot of teeny violins so some of the figures became musicians. Some themes like garden of eden, Fish and chips  (poker chips of course) and "Remember Rollers" also surfaced. These are so much fun I have to force myself to go back to bigger work !
Being the consumate bargain hunter that I am, I bought a bunch of frames and shadow boxes at the dollar store thinking the lil postcards would look nice in them.  And they DO....makes a proper work of wall art out of them, don't you think? I know I know...YOUR dollar stores aren't nearly as good as ours!  These were done for an authour friend, Joshilyn Jackson, who is using them as "gifts" to promote her new book THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING
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